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Art. Nr. UB 26
Belt tape, 20 mm wide, with small carbine hook and metal snap buckle. With logo print.
Material: strong belt tape.
Optional 20, 25 or 30 mm wide.
Optional with or without snap buckle, with or without security crack.
  Price (incl. Pressure, plain, unilateral):
  from 200 pcs. 1,69 € / pcs.


Offer 2:

Art. Nr. NS 11
Name plate made of plastic, 33 x 68 mm.
Name field: 13 x 62 mm
Logo print in all colours.
Possible connection:
2 clamp hangers + magnet or
2 clamp hangers + needle
  Price (incl. Pressure, plain, unilateral):
  from 200 pcs. 1,59 € / pcs.


Offer 3:

Art. Nr. NS 330
LED Name plate, 42 x 80 mm.
6 run writings programmable.
In gift / display packaging.
Connection: Magnet and safety pin
Possible LED colours: blue and red
  from 5 pcs. 8,90 € / pcs.


Offer 4:

Art. Nr. Jojo 1
Jojo-identity card holder
Round identity card holder made of full-coloured plastic, with belt clip, textile-reinforced flap and silver disk.
Diameter: Ø 32 mm
Price (incl. Pressure, plain, unilateral): Possible colours: black, white, grey, blue, green,
from 250 pcs. 0,99 € / pcs. yellow, orange and red